Lectures on introductory environmental economics (undergraduate).

Course description

This is an introductory course in environmental economics. The objective of this course is to provide a better understanding of the principles of economics, with a particular emphasis on the interaction between the economy and the environment.

The first half of the course will cover the foundations of economics (consumer and producer theories), which explain why markets are so useful when they are working properly. In the second half, we will shift gears and learn about limitations of markets.

Class will meet on Mondays, 14:30-16:00 & 16:10-17:40.


Introductory microeconomics with the corresponding background in mathematics.


  1. Introduction [slide]
  2. Economic principles [slide]
  3. Consumer theory
  4. Producer theory
  5. Efficiency and equity
  6. Competitive market and welfare theorem
  7. Demand, supply, and surplus
  8. Elementary game theory
  9. Market failure
  10. Policy instruments
  11. Cost-benefit analysis and valuation
  12. Applications